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Everybody who lifts wants to experience out-of-this-world pumps. That’s why you should be on top of any new nitric oxide boosters that come along. A newer and very effective nitric oxide booster is the patented ingredient Nitrosigine®. This is a very impressive compound clinically proven safe and effective. In addition, nitrosigine has 10 patents covering a number of uses. In this Ingredient Spotlight, we will take a closer look at this exciting ingredient. 

What Is Nitrosigine® And What Does It Do? 

Nitric oxide-boosting nitrosigine is a patented complex of arginine, potassium silicate, and inositol. The primary advantage of Nitrosigine is that it extends the pump for 6 hours. That’s 6 full hours! Additionally, it acts quickly and goes to work within 30 minutes of your very first dose. (1)


First, you should know that arginine is a nitric oxide (N.O.) precursor. Nitric oxide production can’t happen without it. Also, as a supplement, it was the original nitric oxide booster. Yet, despite its importance, it has been accused of poor absorption, especially as a stand-alone supplement. For that reason, since the first N.O. booster was released, the pump category has exploded with new, better-absorbing ingredients. Of course, all of these claim to do a better job of promoting increased nitric oxide production. 


Many N.O. boosters work by converting to arginine in the body (think citrulline). The approach of Nitrosigine is to increase the bioavailability of existing arginine. In other words, Nitrosigine does not convert into arginine, it makes the most of the arginine already there. To be honest, it’s what supplemental arginine should have been. As noted, Nitrosigine stands out because it increases blood levels of arginine within 30 minutes of taking it. There’s no building up in your system, it works right now. Also as noted, it elevates blood levels of arginine for a whopping 6 hours. (2)

The Benefits Of Nitrosigine

The benefits of Nitrosigine include the following:


  • Increased Production Of Nitric Oxide For Fast Acting & Long Lasting Pumps
  • Improved Nutrient & Oxygen Delivery To The Muscles
  • Enhanced Recovery Time
  • Increased Performance
  • Improved Cognitive Function
  • Cardiovascular Health Support


Nitrosigine stimulates vasodilation which means your arteries increase in diameter which increases blood flow. This of course promotes the pump. Additionally, cardiovascular health is improved. Further, needed nutrients are delivered to your muscles, and waste product removal is more efficient. All of these factors mean improved performance and aid recovery. In addition, Nitrosigine is believed to overall mental function, focus, and cognitive flexibility, or your ability to mentally multi-task. (3, 4, 5)


What Is The Effective Dosing Range?

The most effective dosing range is from 750 mg up to 1500mg. 

Some Products That Contain Nitrosigine

  • 5% Nutrition Full As F*ck – This is 5%’s class-leading pump booster. Full As F*ck combines nitric oxide boosters, including Nitrosigine, and cell volumizers to create one of the more potent pump formulas on the market. 
  • 5% Nutrition Kill It Reloaded – Here’s a great pre-workout that features a solid energy complex, a strong focus complex, and an explosive pump complex – with Nitrosigine. There’s also a creatine complex that helps promote water-based pumps. Of course, that supports the nitric oxide pumps. 
  • Axe & Sledge Pumpies – Here are very impressive pump capsules that also feature 1500mg of Nitrosigine. 


These are just a few of the products with this potent ingredient. You can see our entire lineup of products by visiting here


If monster pumps are what you’re chasing then Nitrosigine is one of the ingredients you should look for. has the best Nitrosigine products, and much, much more. No matter what you need, chances are you’ll find it here, so shop and stock up today!


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