Thyroid Regulators

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What Are Thyroid Regulators?

First off, to better understand what thyroid regulators are and what they do, let’s take a look at the thyroid gland itself.

The Thyroid

The thyroid gland is one of the largest endocrine glands in the body. It’s located in the neck, below the thyroid cartilage or “Adam’s Apple”. The thyroid controls how quickly the body uses energy, it also makes proteins, and controls how sensitive the body is to other hormones.

The thyroid gland participates in these processes by producing thyroid hormones, the principal ones being triiodothyronine (T3) and thyroxine (T4). These hormones regulate the rate of metabolism. In fact, the thyroid is often called the “master of the metabolism”. This is because it affects the growth and function of many other systems in the body. T3 and T4 are synthesized using both iodine and the amino acid tyrosine.

A Bit Of Thyroid Background

The thyroid gland is controlled by the hypothalamus and pituitary. The name “thyroid” comes from the Greek word for “shield”, after the shape of the Adam’s Apple. Some of the problems that you can have with your thyroid will negatively affect your metabolism. So, looking at the functions, it should be obvious that this is a very critical component of the human body! In terms of supplements, thyroid regulators are tied into weight control. They provide support to the thyroid, allowing for healthy thyroid production. When the thyroid is working at its optimum, you can achieve faster fat loss. This is actually a very important aspect that often gets overlooked by the mainstream public and does not have a long supplement history at all.

It’s been reported that once users added thyroid regulators to their fat burning line-up, they notice faster results. Typical ingredients include iodine, tyrosine, forskolin and guggulsterones.

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Benefits Of Thyroid Regulators

  • Thyroid Regulators promote healthy thyroid production allowing for increased fat loss through optimal functioning of the metabolism.
  • Thyroid Regulators allow all thyroid functions to operate at peak efficiency.

As with GH, these benefits are more functions of the thyroid itself, these are not arrived at solely because you take a supplement. Thyroid regulators allow for optimal support and function of the gland.

Consider the role your metabolism plays in fat loss. First, the mainstream public has no idea how important a properly functioning metabolism is. Second, keeping your metabolism active and increasing the rate to burn faster is critical to fat loss. In addition, the idea of starving yourself is a mistake. Eating only one meal a day will slow down your metabolism, thereby burning less calories. How will you lose fat if you are not burning that many calories? You won’t!

Sometimes your metabolic rate seems to slow on it’s own. A problem like this can be tied to your thyroid gland. This is because the thyroid controls the metabolism, even the slightest malfunctioning will slow your fat loss efforts. As with all aspects of the human body, if the thyroid is not 100% healthy and operating without problems, you will suffer for it.

Adding thyroid regulators to a complete program geared towards fat loss makes sense. This program should include other supplements as well. This will allow you to cover all bases and reach your goals. This is especially true for those that just can’t lose fat despite their best efforts. It only makes sense to look at what controls the metabolism in the first place!

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Thyroid Regulators, Timing And Dosage

Virtually all of the available products are formulas geared towards fat loss and come in tablets and capsules. However, there are a few products that focus on iodine and its role in thyroid function. The point here is to provide iodine in supplement form in an age when health conscious people typically restrict salt intake. Salt is where iodine comes from. The thyroid hormones T3 and T4 contain iodine and the thyroid absorbs it from the blood in support of these hormones. Further, lack of iodine in the diet will affect thyroid function.

There are only a handful of choices when it comes to thyroid regulators and virtually all of them contain the typical ingredients as listed above. As is usually the case there are a few that include thermogenic ingredients such as caffeine. Therefore, be sure to read each label to completely understand what you are buying. While I highly recommend thermogenics, some people just can’t tolerate caffeine.

You can buy iodine by itself but I recommend a formula product. A product containing numerous nutrients will do more for your goal than a product containing just one nutrient. Timing and dosage will vary from product to product. Be sure to read the instructions and follow them for best results.

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