Use Blood Tests To Your Advantage

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Use blood tests to your advantage. How’s that apply to supplements? Let’s find out. It’s easy to take supplements, right? That’s especially true for workout-related supplements. If it doesn’t it should include a good multivitamin/mineral supplement. The reasoning for using a multi makes sense. Your diet might be lacking, and this is especially true if you know you don’t eat right. So, you’ve decided that taking a multi is a good thing. Yet you’re really only guessing at how much you need of each nutrient. You don’t need to just blindly take a vitamin supplement. Not when you can know exactly how much you need of every nutrient. How, you might ask? Blood tests. 

Use Blood Tests To Your Advantage – Why Blood Tests Matter

It’s clear that good health depends on nutrients. With that in mind, let’s review the major classes of nutrients that affect health:


This refers to protein, carbohydrates, and fats. It’s true a well-balanced diet goes a long way toward achieving optimal nutrient intake. Yet, there are two key problems. First, lifestyles that limit access to quality meals. Second, food preferences. These two problems interfere with and limit optimal nutrient intake.


These are vitamins and minerals. They also include antioxidants and electrolyte minerals. The same thinking applies. To get the benefit of these nutrients, you have to ingest sufficient quantities. 


This category includes everything beyond foundational nutrients. This could be creatine, amino acid formulas, etc. 


Blood tests can also be done on hormone levels. This includes how hormones affect fat loss diets. 


So, how can you use blood tests to your advantage as it applies to these categories? For example, do you follow the Keto diet? That means you’re using Keto supplements. Hormone levels can be checked. Finding problems allows you to take corrective action. This means you can get more out of your diet and supplements. 


You know a lack of nutrients can affect your health. How can you train to your full capacity if you’re tired all the time? Sometimes this can be because of a nutrient deficiency. Wouldn’t it be great to get that corrected with a blood test? That means you can better determine what foods you should eat. You can decide what the best vitamin/mineral supplement you should use.


If You Use Blood Tests To Your Advantage, You Can Know Exactly How Much You Need Of A Nutrient

You can take control of your health by finding out exactly how much you need of any nutrient. As we have seen, blood tests go beyond vitamins and minerals. Yet they are the ideal starting point. After all, basic good health gives you the foundation to add other supplements. 


Besides vitamins and minerals, what else should be your first concern?


Electrolytes, for starters. This is important since dehydration can severely short-circuit performance. Finally, a general wellness blood test can give you a precise snapshot of your health. 


Use Blood Tests To Your Advantage With Private MD Labs

Now you can get tests done quickly and easily. You can right to and choose the tests you want to have done. Then simply choose a location near you. Go and have your tests completed, and then just log into their site to view your results. No more waiting around your doctor’s office for hours. What could be easier? 

Types Of Tests Offered By Private MD Labs

You use blood tests to your advantage by choosing specific tests that meet your goals. You can get a blood test for everything from basic wellness to a hormone test specifically designed for bodybuilders. There are anti-aging tests, and tests for aggressive supplements. Of course, any concerns you might have, you can get a test for. With proper testing, you can set up a complete supplement program. 


Think about the test for bodybuilders. First, there are a few baseline tests Private MD Labs recommends. The actual test itself checks your natural levels of testosterone. This is a comprehensive test that can tell you exactly where your test levels are.


What about female bodybuilders? The test for women covers such things as the onset of menopause. 


In addition, there’s a complete hormone panel test available for both men and women. Can you begin to see how valuable blood tests can be? Use blood tests to your advantage and take control of your results!



The bottom line is that blood tests can give you a supplement blueprint. They will allow you to make adjustments that maximize your efforts. Interested in checking out the available blood test? Visit: Order Lab Tests Online – Full Panel Blood Tests – Private MD Labs

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