Addicted To Bodybuilding

According to research published in October 2002, men’s fixation on developing a perfect six-pack has led to the emergence of a new type of body disorder. Specialists say glossy men’s magazines featuring muscled models are causing susceptible readers to hate their bodies and become addicted to bodybuilding. Muscle dysmorphia has been nicknamed “bigorexia” because victims are certain they look small or feeble and spend hours in the gym trying to develop bigger bodies.

Another term, “Adonis Complex,” describes men who, in a bid to impress women, become obsessed with their physiques and work out to the extreme. In muscle dysmorphia, the bodybuilder’s sense of worth almost totally relies on his appearance. He feels that if he looks perfect on the outside, it makes up for the lack of perfection on the inside.

Surely we all know how an improvement in one’s shape and appearance can serve a valuable purpose in showing real gratitude for being blessed with a sound body, for alleviating depression, and enhancing self-confidence, but one can really go overboard on the “body beautiful stuff.” Some bodybuilders puff themselves up with conceit and an attitude that their distended hypertrophy makes them better than other, smaller lifters.

If you browse the bodybuilding forums, it’s easy to see that bodybuilding is an addictive sport. Here’s a snippet from a post by “Quiet Storm:”

I’ve only been working out for a while, but I’ll tell you, I’m addicted, I get really pissed when I break a cycle and now I plan almost everything around my going to the gym. When I workout I get a MAD endorphin rush, especially on my back day and legs as well.

The environment in the gym may be to blame for bodybuilders becoming addicted to their sport. Many people who take up bodybuilding do so because they do not like how their bodies look in the first place. Because the sport produces concrete and increasing differences in appearance, and other gym users are likely to give positive comments about these improvements, bodybuilders can get hooked on the atmosphere at gyms. Their poor self-image means they crave positive comments.

Selecting the Right Gym

Finding a fitness center you are really compatible with can be just like choosing the right car or mate, and it may take a bit of time. First off, you must settle on your own fitness objectives. Not every fitness facility on any street corner is going to meet your needs, whatever your objectives may be. Two important factors to consider when joining a gym are the nature of the clientele and the equipment. You should also take factors like opening hours and location into consideration.

The Effects of Steroids

What’s happening in bodybuilding nowadays is a mockery and the unsystematic use of drugs is the cause. It’s on par with what’s happening in our society today. The stress is on winning at any cost and anything goes just to win. In order to succeed, bodybuilders nowadays feel they have to get their muscles bigger and bigger, more misshapen and more monstrous. Sadly, this can only be done with drugs.

It has been said that young people who take anabolic steroids to advance their sporting performance can develop permanent brain alterations. High blood pressure, liver defects, and lowered sperm counts are among the well-documented health hazards steroids pose to teenagers who take them in high doses. Problems such as sleep disturbance, confusion, depression, and paranoia can also develop.

Make Weight Lifting Fun

Occasionally weight lifting can get tedious. Here are some guidelines to help make your lifting experience more enjoyable:

  1. Workout with friends and/or family
  2. Expect plateaus
  3. Don’t get down when you miss a workout
  4. Set goals

You must have a near-perfect diet to achieve your goals in bodybuilding and/or fat loss. Eating is something that should be viewed as not just a side part of bodybuilding, but a major part of it. You can take small steps to slowly replace any bad foods you are eating with better foods. Cutting out all fast food would be ideal, but not always practical. If cutting out a certain food is too hard, make a deal with yourself to only eat it once per week.

12 Ways to Spend Less Time in the Gym

When you hear the expression, “gym rat,” what comes to mind? Most people who spend hours in the gym doing marathon workouts do not realize how much time they’re wasting. Here are some ways you can get more out of your workouts in less time:

  1. Cut the chit-chat
  2. Have a plan of attack
  3. Cut breaks down
  4. Cut rest time between sets
  5. Use supersets and drop sets
  6. Avoid redundant exercises
  7. Train at off-peak hours
  8. Use more machines
  9. Minimize the use of straps and wraps
  10. Train on a near-empty stomach
  11. Focus
  12. Split up the body into more days

Do you have a methodical way of doing your everyday tasks, walking to your daily destination along the same route, meeting the same people frequently? If so, you are at risk of getting addicted to substances or behavior.

In addition to bodybuilding, you should have many interests in your life. If you choose to neglect your morning workout to join your friends for a barbecue, just accept it and take pleasure in your decision and don’t feel guilty. Make allowances for flexibility in your training plans – missing one workout is not really a setback. Mix up your routine: go for a walk/jog, take a hike, or go for a bike ride on your cardio days.

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