Are You A Doer Or A Poser

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In this fitness/bodybuilding/powerlifting world, there are two types of people, Doers and Posers. Which one are you?

Are you a doer or poser? What’s the difference? Doers are the ones in there busting their ass creating change, showing you what they can do instead of talking about it. They are the ones that will put up a video of what they can do instead of a picture. They are the ones that encourage everyone else instead of talking about themselves all the time.

“Do not judge lest you be judged.”
Pretty cool words to go by!

Posers are the polar opposite, they talk more than they do. They put up smoke screens about what they can do and are not true leaders, they are ultimately selfish. Example of a doer is Ronnie Coleman. He came out and put the posers in their place. He came out showing that body builders could be as strong as they were shredded. He put up videos of his feats of strength instead of professional photos shoots just showing weight and no movement.

So Which One Are You? Are You A Doer Or Poser?

Let me clue some people in on a couple of things; Fitness is not about the perfect body. Rock hard abs or big biceps. Perfect butt or perfect breasts…It’s not about that. It is about you feeling your best mentally and physically, the rest will come. There are too many people out there being judgmental about the wrong things. They see a picture of a girl that they think is not fit and start slamming what they think is funny and all they are doing is making their own self look like an idiot. First off, you don’t see pictures of them. It always seems to be the one with no pictures who spew crap from their mouths anyway.

But back to what I was saying, it is about how you, yourself, and how you feel about yourself, is all that counts. I see plenty of guys and girls in the gym who lack confidence in themselves, and when they start on this journey, you see that confidence coming out of them. This is what is so special about exercise. It is the feeling you get knowing you are doing something good for your body.

Finally, what does the Bible say: “Do not judge lest you be judged.”!
Pretty cool words to go by

Let’s make sure we stay humble in what we do. I promise you, you will go further not bragging on yourself, or pointing out when you are better than someone else, let your hard work speak for itself. If you are one of those types where fitness comes easy for you; it is your responsibility to help others. So, are you a doer or poser? As you have seen, you will reap more if you’re a doer. So get out there and get it done!

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