Bodybuilding Can Make You Successful

Research shows that bodybuilding affects you psychologically in ways that can help you to become a success.

Success doesn’t always mean becoming rich and famous. For some of us it could mean having the cake come out of the oven done but still moist. Others would be happy if they could just learn to enjoy the now. Whatever your definition, if you are a bodybuilder, you have already taken the first step down the road of success: feeling and looking good.


What does a successful person look like? That is of course subject to opinion, but we can probably all agree that a successful person doesn’t look dumpy! If you want to be a success, start looking like one. Even if your goal is just to be happy, how can you be happy if you don’t look and feel good? It takes energy to be happy. Research indicates that individuals who are neurotic, anxious, depressed or of low psychic vigor tend to perform physically at a much lower level than those who are of better mental health. And building your body will automatically result in a better mental state.


To be a success requires two kinds of strength: physical and psychological. Without physical strength, you can’t begin to have the energy to fight your psychological battles.

Successful people have to deal with lots of criticism:

“How did she ever get that job? She must have slept with someone.” “I wonder how many people he stepped on to get to the top.”

You could stop and explain to the jealous ones that you have worked very hard and have earned your success — but save your breath! If these people give you credit, they feel they discredit themselves; to overcome this would require self-exploration on their part, which is something such people won’t risk.

Whatever your dream may be, start with a strong foundation: Build your body and your physical strength. Since your mind is a part of your body, you’ll be building your psyche as well. Your motto will be, “I feel good, I look good, I can do anything!”


Building your body will take courage, stamina, patience, desire, confidence, power — all the qualities you need to become a success. Research indicates that physical ability is indicative of a stable and extroverted personality

Did you ever notice that some people seem to have it all? It’s true, they do! Success attracts success. In a study on muscular strength and mental health, Larry A. Thacker of New Mexico State University (2003), found that physically strong individuals were significantly more satisfied with their bodyparts and processes, less emotionally unstable and anxious, more outgoing, sociable and more confident than their physically weaker counterparts.

It has also been found that the muscularly strong person tends to be viewed by others as possessing more favorable skills and personality traits. He or she receives more positive feedback from others and from the mirror on the wall. So if you want to be a success in life, start building your body, for bodybuilding will point you in the right direction.

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