Brand Spotlight: Alani Nu

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Our Brand Spotlight focuses on the brands behind your favorite supplements. In this Spotlight, we look at who they are, what their product line looks like, and what their best products are. Also, we look at an example stack or two from their lineup. In this Brand Spotlight, we’re going to look at Alani Nu. 

Who Is Alani Nu?

Alani Nu is a company geared more towards women than men. However, men can use many of these products. Their focus is on wellness and general fitness. If you’re a bodybuilder, athlete, or strength training, this is not the brand for you. 


The products are simple and avoid what Alani feels are unneeded ingredients. They also avoid fillers. However, they do use artificial sweeteners and flavors. The company strives to produce supplements that provide ingredients you need with nothing you don’t.

What Kind Of Products Do They Carry?

Alani Nu carries a line of “Self” products, which includes wellness and beauty products. Among others, there’s Prenatal and regular Vitamins, Greens, an Immunity formula, and Balance, a skin and hormonal balance formula. 

There’s also a low dose, caffeine-based Fat Burner. 

It goes without saying, the Self line was created for women. 


There’s also the Fitness line. This includes the usual Pre-Workout, BCAAs, Whey Protein powder, Plant protein powder, and a stim-free Pump Pre-workout. This is a modestly dosed, limited ingredient lineup. For example, their Alani Pre-Workout contains only five ingredients. These are Citrulline Malate (6g), Beta-Alanine (1.6g), Tyrosine (500mg), Caffeine (200mg), and Theanine (200mg). 


This line is also geared more for women, and more for fitness. Men can use it, but most men interested in anything beyond basic fitness will probably choose stronger products from more hardcore companies.


Finally, there’s the Drinks and Snacks line. This line includes Protein Bars with 16g whey protein, and a Fit Shake with 20g milk isolate protein. Plus, there’s a caffeinated Energy drink, and a zero-sugar, and zero-caffeine Sparkling drink. Also, Alani Nu has merchandise and gift cards. 

What Are Their Best Products?

On, the best-selling products are their Protein bars and drinks, the Pre-Workout, BCAA powder, and their Whey Protein.


Sample Alani Nu Stack

Here’s an example of a popular Alani Nu Stack:


  1. Pre-Workout
  2. BCAAs
  3. Whey Protein

Here’s a typical Women’s Stack

  1. Balance capsules
  2. Fat Burner
  3. Whey Protein


See the entire line here: Alani Nu – I’ll Pump You Up (



Alani Nu is a high-quality line geared for women and those individuals that want lower-dosed, simple formulas. Each product is fully disclosed and moderately dosed. This is a brand that helps you finish your final rep, mile, or exercise. Are you a woman looking to balance your hormones or improve skin tone? This is the line that can help you do it. 


Men can also use Alani Nu. Their Whey Protein, Protein Bars, or Fit Shakes fit active lifestyles and give you the high-quality protein you’re looking for. 


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