Brand Spotlight: Axe & Sledge Supplements!


This is the first article in a brand new feature: Brand Spotlight! Our new Brand Spotlight will focus on the brands that make your favorite supplements. For example, who they are, what their product line looks like, what their best products are, and some great example stacks from their lineup. First up: Axe & Sledge Supplements!

Who Is Axe & Sledge Supplements?

Axe & Sledge is owned by none other than IFBB Pro Seth Feroce. One of the things Seth Feroce is known for is the fact he won the NPC Nationals and earned his Pro card on his first try. That’s unheard of! 

Seth Feroce is following the footsteps of several great Pros that evolved into running their own line of supplements. No doubt names like Labrada, Gaspari, Coleman, and Cutler are just a few Pros that do this. Sometimes a name gets behind a company, and a legend is born. Rich Piana’s 5% Nutrition is a great example, as is MTS Nutrition and Kaged (formerly Kaged Muscle).


Seth Feroce is also known for his no BS style, and has made a name for himself as an entrepreneur, YouTuber, and on his own podcast. He owns five different companies – no doubt the man has done well!

What Kind Of Products Do They Carry?

Axe & Sledge Supplements has been around since 2018. They hit the ground running and carry all the bodybuilding supplements you’d expect. This includes protein powder, protein bars, pre-workouts, an intra-workout, fat loss products and, of course, natural muscle builders. These include a test booster, an EAA/BCAA, and a carb powder. They also have single ingredient products, a popular category. 


It should be noted that while many companies carry hardcore hormonal products, Axe & Sledge does not. However, one of the things that set this company apart is the heavy emphasis on Seth Feroce videos. There’s a complete selection of training videos, so you can learn from a successful IFBB Pro. Also, Axe & Sledge runs a transformation “Challenge.”


Finally, their products are fully disclosed. However, some products, such as their pre-workouts, are modestly dosed at the suggested one scoop serving. If you’re an experienced user, that means you’ll need to double-scoop it, and it means you’ll need to combine their “pump” Pre with their “stim” Pre. 


To their credit, they have a whole-food based, low sugar MRP, and their protein uses grass-fed whey isolate. In addition, they have a protein bar, several fat loss products, plus a test booster. Other than their “Basics” line, dosing is generally modest, which really means you can adjust it to your own experience level.


What Are Their Best Products?

On, the best selling products are Hydraulic, their stim-free pump pre-workout, The Grind, their BCAA/EAA, Ignition Switch, a pre-workout, and Farm Fed, their whey protein powder. 

Sample Axe & Sledge Stack

Some of their best stacks include:


The Axe & Sledge Basics Stack

This is the best of their “Basics” line. Each of these products is well-dosed. 

  1. Arginine
  2. Beta-Alanine
  3. Betaine
  4. Peak 02
  5. Citrulline
  6. Glutamine


The Axe & Sledge Pre & Post Stack

Expect to double-scoop everything. If you’re a beginner, one scoop of each is fine. 

  1. Ignition Switch Pre-Workout
  2. Hydraulic Stim-Free Pump Pre-Workout
  3. The Grind EAAs/BCAAs


The Axe & Sledge Seth’s Prep Stack

This is a pre-contest stack. If you’re advanced, double-dose it. Fryed allows for a stronger dose in the directions. Otherwise, go with the suggested serving. 

  1. The Grind
  2. Ignition Switch
  3. Fryed


See the entire line here: Buy Axe and Sledge Supplements | I’ll Pump You Up (



No doubt Axe & Sledge Supplements has a good lineup of products. Kudos to using full disclosure labeling. Also kudos to making a low sugar whole food MRP, and a high quality whey isolate. They cover the spectrum of effective supplements and provide flexible dosing based on experience. Give Axe & Sledge a try the next time you order up!


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