Brand Spotlight: Dymatize

When you think of Dymatize, most likely you think of their protein powders. That’s for good reason since they make some of the best powders on the market. In this edition of Brand Spotlight, we will take a look at their current product lineup. Ready? Let’s go!

Who Is Dymatize?

Founded in 1994, Dymatize is currently a subsidiary of Post Holdings. They acquired Dymatize in 2014. Interestingly, they also own Premier Protein, Power Bar, and Supreme, among many other companies. In fact, their holdings cover many food and beverage categories. (1)


Right now, Dymatize only carries various protein powders, and a gainer. At one time, Dymatize carried more than just protein powders. Their PWO pre-workout was an excellent example of the category. PWO featured n open label, effective ingredients, and respectable dosing. 

They also had pure creatine monohydrate, to name two examples. No doubt thanks to the Covid pandemic, they had to streamline their product lineup. 

What Else Does Dymatize Carry?

On the Dymatize page on I’ll Pump You Up (, you will find a shaker, along with their proteins and gainer. 

The Super Mass Gainer looks OK, but it has an insane 1280 calories with 52g protein. There’s also 245g of carbs with 23g of sugar. This type of gainer is best suited for high school football players doing two-a-days and trying to hang onto, or even gain, weight. If you’re a bodybuilding hard gainer, I would cut the serving in thirds. I would drink one shake per day, adding servings as needed to help you gain muscular weight.

But, watch your waistline. If you start to gain fat, that means you’re taking in too many carbs. Cut back to one shake per day at 1/3 the suggested serving size. Then, add protein shakes to keep your protein intake up and your timing consistent. 


If you go to their website, they also have an EAA product with a whopping 7.2g of BCAAs per serving.


What Kind Of Protein Powders Does Dymatize Carry?

Since Dymatize streamlined their product lineup, it all comes down to what you need in terms of protein powder. One of our best-selling products (#4) is Dymatize ISO-100. See my Supplement Spotlight article covering this exceptional protein powder. Suffice it to say, this product supplies 25g of premium whey isolate protein per serving. 


See it here: Supplement Spotlight: Dymatize ISO 100 – I’ll Pump You Up (


Another great product is Dymatize Elite Casein. If you use ISO-100, no doubt you use it at those times when you need a fast digesting protein. These times include first thing in the morning, and right after a workout. 


What about using a slow digesting protein, such as Elite Casein? 


Now, what if you lead an active lifestyle, which may include long hours at work or school? Do you have a tough time making your meals? One solution is to drink a slow-digesting casein shake like Elite Casein before you head out for the day. That way, you will have a protein shake that stays in your system for roughly 6 hours. That’s 25g of micellar casein with zero sugar and just 2g fat. You can take a shake with you to drink later. That will ensure you have adequately timed protein all day.


With that in mind, here’s a practical example. I spent 30+ years working in retail management. Many times, I was alone in the building, waiting on customers (for a long time, I worked in specialty mall retail selling supplements). How’d I get my meals in? Protein shakes! It was the only way. Since the customer comes first, I refused to make customers wait while I stuffed my face in the back room. However, I had time to drink shakes during the day. This approach did not interfere with my ability to meet customer needs.


The bottom line is, if it worked for me, it will work for you. There may not be time to eat a meal, there is always time to drink a shake.

Sample Dymatize Stack

There’s really only one stack you can use:


ISO-100 – Drink first thing in the morning and post-workout. You can use regular ISO-100, which is artificially flavored and sweetened, or you can use ISO-100 Natural. This version is naturally flavored and sweetened with stevia. 


Elite Casein – As noted, use at the start of a long day at school or work. Also use before bed. This approach helps keep you in an anabolic state 24/7.


Dymatize Shaker Cup – Take your shaker with you. All you need is a serving or two of powder and some water. 



Of course, you can add any number of products to this basic stack. These might include:


Pre-Workout – There’s numerous choices available. I suggest 5% Nutrition Full As F*ck and 5150


Creatine – Hi-Tech Pharma has a great version of this time-tested and proven product. 


EAAs/BCAAs – Not everyone sees the benefit of these. I do. They support protein synthesis and help keep you in an anabolic state, and that’s good enough for me. Use them during your workout for best results. I suggest 5% Nutrition All Day You May.


From here, you can add anything you like, from natural muscle builders all the way to prohormones. 


Need to lose fat? Maintain your muscle mass with ISO-100 and Elite Casein while you get cut. 


To check out Dymatize products, visit Dymatize – I’ll Pump You Up (


Check out 5% Nutrition, visit 5% Nutrition Supplements | Brands | I’ll Pump You Up (


For all your supplement needs, visit Bodybuilding Supplements Store | I’ll Pump You Up (



Even though Dymatize has a smaller line of products, they have chosen to focus on the most important category of all: protein. The importance of protein cannot be emphasized enough. Do not underestimate your daily protein needs, especially if you’re training hard and trying to build mass. Don’t forget protein timing. This is a concept that’s come under a lot of heat by so-called experts. No matter. You need protein, and you need a lot of it. Don’t sweat whether or not protein timing matters. Are you hungry? Eat, and include protein. Has it been hours since you last had a protein meal? Grab a shake and make sure it’s Dymatize!



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