Gunter Schlierkamp Biography

Gunter Schierkamp, also known as “The Gentle Giant,” was born on February 2, 1970 in Olfen, Germany. He stands 6’1″ and currently lives in Pearblossom, California. His offseason weight has been known to shoot as high as 350 pounds, but usually his offseason bulk will be around 325 pounds. On stage is a whole different story. Gunter usually comes in at a shredded 205 pounds, which is unbelievable for his height.

Arnold was Gunter`s role model growing up and gave him the inspiration to start weight lifting. After watching Arnold movies such as “Conan the Barbarian” and “Pumping Iron,” Gunter decided that he wanted to become a bodybuilder. After making the decision to compete, he entered the Junior Competition in 1988 and won the overall title even though he only weighed 230 pounds.

After winning his first show, Gunter`s career took off and he has become one of the better bodybuilders in the game today. The following list shows Gunter`s career contest results which prove his hard work and determination:

2005 Olympia: 4th Place
2004 Olympia: 6th PlaceWeekend
2004 Arnold Classic: 4th Place
2003 Grand Prix Holland: 4th Place
2003 British Grand Prix: 3rd Place
2003 Olympia: 5th Place
2003 GNC: 3rd Place
2002 GNC: 1st Place
2002 Mr. Olympia: 5th Place
2001 British Grand Prix: 10th Place
2001 Mr. Olympia – 15th Place
2001 Night of Champions- 9th Place
2001 Toronto Pro: 6th Place
2000 Mr. Olympia 12th Place
2000 Grand Prix England: 4th Place
2000 World Cup Pro: 6th Place
2000 Arnold Classic: 6th Place
2000 Ironman Pro: 4th Place
1999 Ironman Pro: 5th Place
1999 Arnold Classic: 9th Place
1998 Toronto Pro Invitational: 6th Place
1998 San Francisco Pro Invitational: 9th Place
1998 Night of Champions: 10th Place
1998 Grand Prix Germany: 6th Place
1998 Grand Prix Finland: 6th Place
1997 San Jose Pro Invitational: 11th Place
1997 Night of Champions: 9th Place
1997 Ironman Pro Invitational: Disqualified
1997 Canada Pro Cup: 6th Place
1996 San Jose Pro Invitational: 9th Place
1996 Night of Champions: 11th Place
1996 Arnold Classic: 11th Place
1995 Grand Prix Ukraine: 10th Place
1995 Canada Pro Cup: 2nd Place
1994 Olympia: 19th Place
1994 Grand Prix Germany: 8th Place
1994 Grand Prix England: 8th Place
1993 World Amateur Championships: 1st Place
1992 German Championships: 1st Place
1992 European Amateur Championships: 1st Place
1990 German Championships: 1st Place

If you have watched any bodybuilding videos in the past, chances are good that you have seen Gunter in at least one of them. He has been a minor character in “The Battle for Olympia” videos over the past ten years, and he has also appeared in the “Men of Muscle Vol.6- Born to Pose” DVD. If you`re looking for videos that only emphasize Gunter and his quest to becoming the best bodybuilder in the world, you can purchase his DVD`s “Guntermania” or “Rock Hard” which show Gunter`s training and dieting secrets that you will find no where else!

Zach Bashore
April 27, 2006

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