How to Improve Your 40 Yard Dash

College scouts are looking for superior form and the ability of the team member to finish strong during phase 4 or from the 30-yard mark to the 40-yard mark. The 40-yard dash has become the single most important test used by professional and college football coaches to assess possible players for positions, scholarship offers and pro contracts. An athlete that is capable of keeping good form at the end of the 40 will have a considerably better time since he/she is able to be that more efficient with his/her strides. Sustaining speed is vital to an athlete’s success in running a good 40-yard time.

Football Flexibility

You’ll require an optimal range of motion, which is determined in large part by your level of flexibility to be able to perform. The capacity to move a joint through a full range of motion using muscular assistance or with movement is dynamic flexibility. The ability to stretch without any momentum or muscular assistance is static flexibility. Experts advise that you centermost of your energy in attaining optimal dynamic flexibility; as this is the kind of flexibility you need in football.

Perk Up Your 40-Yard Dash Time With This New Workout

Improving your 40-yard dash is clearly one of the best things you can do to advance your performance in nearly any sport.

Warm Up

  • 2 laps of the oval
  • Static stretches held for 10-30 seconds each


  • 2-3 x 20 meters (each):
  • Walking high knees
  • Running high knees
  • Skip
  • Straight legged bounds
  • Clawbacks
  • Viper drills (fast feet through a latter) one-foot contact per square


  • 2-3 x 20-30 meters (each):
  • Double leg hops (over cones)
  • Zigzag hops (one legged lateral bounds)
  • Alt Leg running bounds (up stairs)

Speed Conditioning

  • 5 x 10 meters @ 100% (4 point start) walk back recovery/5min rest between each set
  • 5 x 20 meters @ 100% (3 point start)
  • 5 x 40 meters @ 100% (3 point start)
  • 2-3 flying 30 meters @ 100% for acceleration (built up over 20m and at max for 30m)

Cool Down

  • 2 laps – stretching

How To Improve Competitive Performance

It’s easier than you may think to improve performance to formerly unachievable levels by choosing strength training specifically for sports and moving away from out-of-date training methods. To get better speed, specific exercises must be targeted at building all three muscle fiber types. The combination of explosive squats, plyometric drills, and super-fast agility ladder drills will make muscle stronger and faster for sports.

Strength Training

Players have to work on their 40-yard dash if they want to go places in football. Too many are inclined to overlook how essential it is to be STRONG when training for the 40-yard dash. When planning a strength-training program for football players who want to reduce their 40-yard dash time, three major issues must be considered. First, the player’s skill must be measured. After that, the player’s 40-yard dash must be assessed for flaws. Finally, the trainer must focus on strengthening the player’s weakest muscles, especially the lower back, hamstring, and VMO muscles.

Half your battle is over if you improve your speed during the first 10 yards of your 40-yard dash. Do some good old-fashioned rock bottomed squats with chains to strengthen your quads and glutes. The chains further increase the effectiveness of the squats. The outcome should be improved VMO strength, reduced ground contact time, and enhanced strength and speed.

Using The Kinetic Chain

Learning to sprint properly may be the most valuable time you will ever spend. Your first goal is to fortify core stability to allow yourself to use your kinetic chain (foot ground force generation to ankle – lower leg – knee – thigh – hip – trunk – shoulders – arms) as competently as possible. Many coaches look at the proficient use of the kinetic chain as the true foundation of all athleticism.

The Stance

An efficient start lets the athlete accelerate out of his/her stance and reach top end speed as soon as possible. The position of the hand must be maximized. Next place your opposite foot four inches back from the line, this will be your plant leg. For the positioning of your drive leg, place the edge of your drive leg knee at the toe of your plant leg. The opposite arm should be bent at an angle of slightly more than 45 degrees.

Three Easy Exercises to Reduce Your Time

  1. Stair running is perhaps the best workout for improving general speed, starting power and stride length. The stairs or incline should be between 20-35 degrees.
  2. Bounding is an enjoyable way to develop overall leg power and improve stride length, though it’s somewhat difficult.
  3. Jumping rope is, believe it or not, a rapid-fire exercise that can do wonders for your 40-yard dash.

Can I Really Improve My Speed?

A lot of athletes ask themselves this question, and trainers ask this about their athletes. If you wish to enhance your speed you essentially have to run, if you want to become stronger then you have to lift, if you want to jump higher you have to jump, and if you want to run a faster 40 you actually have to get down and practice running the 40-yard dash.

You can make the BIGGEST and most RADICAL changes to your 40-yard dash by correcting your stance and the first 10-yards of the race. Just by correcting these two aspects, trainers have taken up to two-tenths of a second off the athlete’s 40-yard dash in minutes.

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