Improving Your Sex Life With Bodybuilding

Sex is doubtless one of the commonest, and definitely most gratifying, activities we humans experience.

  • A study on aging from Duke in the 1970s found that for men the incidence of sexual intercourse was linked to lower death rates.
  • A Swedish study found increased probability of death in men who gave up sexual intercourse.
  • A study published in 1976 found that sexual discontent was a risk factor for heart attacks in women.
  • A British study questioned 1000 men on the frequency of their sexual encounters, and divided them into three groups: those who had sex twice or more weekly, an intermediate group, and those who reported having sex less than monthly. A decade later, researchers found that the death rate from all causes for the least sexually active men was twice as high as that of the most active.

Erectile Dysfunction, or impotence, as it was branded prior to 1998, was a predicament most men knew existed, but happened to other guys, especially other old guys. In that year Pfizer Pharmaceuticals introduced America to Viagra, and unexpectedly we found out that millions of robust American men were only getting their flags to half-mast. Once it was out in the open, the subject of male sexual well being in due course turned from dysfunction to performance.

Together with his living situation, a man’s genes set the wide limits of his sexual biological clock. In spite of your age or whether you have any existing problems, following these strategies will absolutely make a difference:

  • Do a suitable quantity of workouts, eat the correct foods
  • Quit smoking
  • Avoid anabolic steroids
  • Avoid hot tubs
  • Avoid drugs
  • Check your medications

A man’s libido totally depends on the state of his health. Problems that contribute to a man’s sexual dysfunction are:

  • Stress – All central nervous system processes are weakened by stress, including those of the brain and endocrine glands – the very same glands involved in Stages I and II of a man’s sexual process.
  • Poor Nutrition – High fat meals curb testosterone, slow down libido, and make erection and ejaculation more difficult.
  • Environmental Estrogens – Environmental estrogens go into the body through pesticides and hormonally enhanced meats and dairy foods.
  • Smoking – Smoking just two cigarettes a day narrows blood vessels, impairing blood flow and the capacity to achieve erection.
  • Too much alcohol – Alcohol use can considerably increase prolactin, which leads to prostate and breast enlargement in men.
  • Obesity – Excess fat blocks your arteries and ruins your ability to become erect.

Potions, lotions and pills to improve male sexual performance abound. This is only half of the equation, though. The whole idea of female sexual enhancement is regrettably still in its early years. In a lot of essential aspects, the female physiological response to sexual stimulus is not altogether unlike that of the male. Therefore it would seem logical that some of the same substances that enhance the male erection might also prove helpful for women.

Muscle growth does not take place in the absence of testosterone. Many nutritional supplements are available to boost testosterone production, but they lose their effectiveness over time as the body down-regulates its natural production of substances in response to exogenous influence. Elevating testosterone levels naturally is accomplished by properly applying sound exercise, diet and sexual practice.

Less Fat, More Sex

Less fat means more sex and now there’s research to prove it. While younger women are more likely to report difficulty in reaching orgasm, women over 50 name other problems, such as a partner who can’t perform or who doesn’t make love in a satisfying way, painful intercourse, or the feeling that they are no longer physically attractive. It only makes sense that endurance and strength are important elements in achieving great sex.

According to research published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, shedding pounds can work like a natural Viagra. A two-year study of 110 obese men with erectile dysfunction found that, of those who took part in a rigorous weight-loss program, 31% recovered normal sexual function. The men also showed improvements in quite a few key health indicators, including blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

A U.S. study released on October 3, 2005 stated that obese women who start to lose weight would also see an improvement in the quality of their sex lives. According to the study presented at the annual conference of The North American Association for the Study of Obesity in Vancouver, even modest weight loss reduced complaints of feeling sexually unappealing and led to improved desire.

Studies have also found a direct connection between physical inactivity and a lack of potency. Here’s what you’ll need to get the best out of your sex life:

  • Cardio endurance – three to four days per week. Try activities such as running, hiking and swimming.
  • Muscular endurance – lift lighter weights for more reps.
  • Muscular strength – lift heavier weights for fewer reps.
  • Yoga – for improved flexibility.

The way you see your body may have a remarkable impact on your intimate life, if you are like most Americans. If you’re silently criticizing your body and thinking your partner is doing the same, it may be impossible for you to become stimulated into sexual passion. The key to finding relief for this problem may well be enrolling in a fitness center to lose excess fat and build a toned, muscular body.

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