Supplement Spotlight: iForce Nutrition Mass GainZ

A package of iForce Nutrition Mass Gainz

Weight gainers have been a bodybuilding/lifting staple for decades. The theory behind them is simple. If you’re having a hard time gaining muscular weight, take in more calories by adding a quality gainer to your nutritional regimen. Historically, the downside to gainers has always been that they are high in sugar. Enter iForce Nutrition Mass GainZ! Here’s a weight gainer that takes a different approach. In this edition of Supplement Spotlight, we will take a closer look at what sets Mass GainZ apart. We will also review the right way to use a gainer. Let’s go!

What Is iForce Nutrition Mass GainZ?

Unlike some gainers that are high in carbs and high in sugar, Mass GainZ takes a more natural and logical approach. The best way for anyone trying to gain muscular weight is to add calories slowly. This approach negates many of the 1,000+ calories per serving gainers on the market. Many of these gainers have triple-digit carbs per serving and are high in sugar. 

In contrast, one serving of Mass GainZ provides a reasonable 506 calories per two scoops. There’s also 40g protein and 75g total carbs that include 10g sugar and 5g fiber. Finally, there’s 10g of fat. That means a hard gainer (a person who has a very hard time gaining muscular weight) can slowly add servings until they start to gain. The lower calorie content means the chance of getting fat is dramatically reduced. That’s a good thing since too many people overdo weight gainers and get a little fat.

Before we go any further, it should be noted that iForce Nutrition is now one of the brands owned by Hi-Tech Pharma. Hi-tech bought them out in 2015. Hi-Tech now owns 11 brands, many of them among the best brands in the business. That makes Hi-Tech one of the most formidable supplement companies in the industry.

Let’s Look At The Ingredients

Now that we’ve seen what iForce Nutrition Mass GainZ is, let’s take a closer look at the macronutrient profile. 

Protein – 40g – This is a blend of whey protein concentrate and whey protein isolate. That means fast-digesting protein. This makes Mass GainZ a good post-workout choice and a good choice for use first thing in the morning. 

Carbohydrates – 75g – Unlike many other gainers that use maltodextrin, Mass GainZ uses real food in the form of oats and quinoa. This creates a good mix of complex carbs, simple carbs, and fiber. The best thing about this gainer is that carbs are reasonably dosed, unlike some gainers providing 100 or even 200+ grams of carbs per serving.

Fats – 10g – Mass GainZ uses MCTs, a fast-burning fat that the body uses for energy, thereby bypassing potential fat storage. That’s a big deal since many gainers do nothing more than add inches to your waistline. Remember, add calories slowly and avoid “mega-calorie” gainers. Stick with iForce Nutrition Mass GainZ.

How Do I Use Mass GainZ?

As per label directions, mix 2 scoops with 16oz cold water. iForce suggests 1-3 servings per day. That said, here’s the right way to add a gainer to your program.

First, determine your current daily calorie intake. Do this by counting your calories for at least 3 days. Divide your daily total by the number of days you counted calories. This gives you a daily average. This number suggests your maintenance level, assuming you are not gaining or losing weight. 

Now, add one 506-calorie serving of Mass GainZ. Take this amount for two weeks. If you have not gained anything, add a second shake. Do this for another two weeks. If you still have not gained anything, add a 3rd shake within a few hours of bedtime. Do this for another two weeks. 

As you add shakes, track the calories by adding them to your daily maintenance amount. It helps if you continue to count calories so you know what your ultimate daily requirement is

What If You Still Aren’t Gaining? 

This is where many people throw in the towel and say the gainer “doesn’t work”. Wrong. The truth is, you just need more calories. 

So, as noted, if you’ve added 3 shakes and still have not begun to gain muscular weight, it’s time to add even more calories. Remember, everyone requires a different daily calorie total. It depends on your metabolism, how active you are, how your meals look, your sex, and your age. The secret is sticking with it until you find the right number for you. 

Ok, so what do you do? Start by replacing the cold water you’ve used with Mass GainZ with milk. You can use your choice of 1%, 2%, or whole milk. You can use almond milk or the milk of your choice. Next, turn to your meals. Make sure you’re choosing nutrient-dense, clean foods. You can even add a small meal or snack. The key with food is to eat healthy, clean meals. 

The bottom line is that eventually, you will reach the daily calorie total you need to gain lean muscle weight. It should be said that I have seen many hard gainers that require an enormous number of daily calories to gain muscular weight. One more tip: cut back on physical activity when and where possible. It’s one thing if you’re on the high school football team. Yet, if you are not, then get in your workouts, then take it easy and focus on recovery.

Do not, under any circumstances, fall into the bad habit of overeating. Watch your waistline. Gaining lean muscle is a slow process. Don’t attempt to rush it. 

What Can I Stack It With?

You can stack Mass GainZ with anything. Some products, such as creatine, will help you begin to gain muscle weight. 

Mass GainZ Muscle Stack

Mass GainZ – Follow my directions for using a weight gainer.

APS Creatine Monohydrate – Creatine has been proven effective and can add several pounds of muscle to users following the traditional loading phase. That’s 4-5 servings of 5g per day for 4-5 days.

Once you’ve completed the loading phase, switch to the suggested maintenance phase. That’s one 5g serving per day. 

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Freedom Formulations Stim-Junky 2.0 Extreme Pre-Workout – See it here: Freedom Formulations Stim-Junky 2.0 Extreme Pre-Workout – I’ll Pump You Up (

iForce Nutrition Hemavol – For crazy pumps! See it here: iForce Nutrition Hemavol Powder – I’ll Pump You Up (


Add a natural muscle builder or prohormone. Examples include Redcon1 MOAB and Hi-Tech Halodrol. Choose the Halodrol Full Cycle Stack and get 2 packages of Halodrol, a bottle of Hi-Tech Arimistane, and a bottle of Spazmatic Supplements Just Test Me. Talk about some serious gains!

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Taking in enough quality calories does not have to be rocket science. You’ve no doubt heard the phrase “Eat Big and Lift Big to Get Big”. Well, it’s not quite that simple either. The truth is between these two extremes. There is work involved. You have to plan and you have to track your calories. You have to, of course, train hard on the basics. 

Follow my guidelines for using a weight gainer, and choose iForce Nutrition Mass GainZ, the best gainer on the market – the results are worth it!

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