Supplement Spotlight: Ryse Godzilla Pre-Workout

Ryse Godzilla

Recently, there’s been an L-Citrulline War among hardcore pre-workouts. Just when you thought you’ve seen the highest doses, along comes Ryse Godzilla Pre-Workout with an 11-gram dose. Yes, that’s right, 11 grams! In this edition of Supplement Spotlight, we will break down the innovative Ryse Godzilla Pre-Workout, citrulline and all. Let’s jump right in!


What Is Ryse Godzilla Pre-Workout?

Ryse Godzilla has positioned itself as the new King of Pre-Workouts. Certainly that 11g dose of citrulline is a great first step. Godzilla is a fully transparent pre-workout that gives you the option of 1 or 2 scoop servings. You’ll get that 11g with 2 scoops. That will also give you 20 servings. There are other impressive doses at the 2-scoop level. For example, how’s sounds 6.4g of beta-alanine sound? No, that was not a typo, I said 6.4g! Yep, you’ll experience some heavy-duty tingles, but your endurance should be through the roof. That’s just the start!


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Open Label-Effective Dosing

Before we break down the ingredients, this is a good time to reveal a very troubling trend among new pre-workouts. A new formula seems to come out every day. If you follow social media, you know what I mean. The thing is, the hype far exceeds the actual product. I noted that Ryse Godzilla, at 2 scoops, gives you 11g of pure citrulline. At 1 scoop, that’s 5.5g, still an impressive dose. I also noted that the Godzilla nutrient panel is fully open.

There are quite a few of these new pre-workouts, as mentioned. Many of them consist of 1-2 severely underdosed prop blends. I can think of one, in particular, that is highly touted on a popular bodybuilding/fitness site. This pre-workout gives you a partially open-label, then a 7-ingredient prop blend with a total dose of 550mg. Now, going back to citrulline. It’s the 4th ingredient in the prop blend. Plus, it’s in citrulline malate form. That means it’s 50% citrulline, and 50% malic acid. OK, a prop blend lists ingredients by weight, therefore the strongest ingredient is listed first, and so on down the line. Of course, it’s very easy to underdose a prop blend because no individual doses are ever listed. 

Prop Blend Example

Now, with that in mind, let’s look at our example 550 Blend (this is a real product, by the way). We have 550mg and 7 ingredients. Let’s assume that each ingredient is dosed the same. So, that would be 550mg / 7 ingredients = 78mg per ingredient. 

So, in this example, there is 78 mg of citrulline. 78mg!!! But wait, this is citrulline malate, so you’ll need to cut that number in half. We now have 39mg!! Bear in mind, in the real formula, there’s even less because the ingredients are dosed progressively lower. That should be the shock of a lifetime to any serious lifter! 

By the way, our example pre-workout gives you a whopping 750mg of beta-alanine. The clinical dose of beta-alanine is 3.2g. What an insult!

Bottom line: Read the label and do not, under any circumstances, buy a pre-workout, or any supplement, like this. 

Ryse Godzilla Ingredients

Are you ready to see the label of a real pre-workout?

Ryse Pump Fuel – 11g (L-Citrulline – 9g, Citrulline Nitrate (as NO3-T) – 2g)

Now this is a very serious dose! First, we have pure citrulline, there’s no diluted citrulline malate here! Citrulline malate is a blend of citrulline and malic acid. By itself, citrulline is one of the most effective ingredients for increasing the production of nitric oxide. Malic acid, on the other hand, supports ATP production. While that might be helpful for endurance, citrulline is a pump-boosting ingredient. There are other ATP enhancers that could easily be added to a pre-workout without compromising your pumps. (1, 2)


NO3-T Citrulline Nitrate® is a branded form of citrulline that targets nitric oxide production through a different pathway than regular citrulline. (3)

Beta Alanine – 6.4g

Beta-alanine indirectly increases endurance. It works by increasing levels of carnosine. Carnosine occurs naturally in the body and buffers lactic acid. By buffering acid, you can knock out more reps and sets. 

Beta-Alanine is also known for its harmless, temporary tingling effect. This side effect bothers some users to the point that they don’t want the clinical dosing of beta-alanine. Since it’s so well dosed here, you’ll have to decide if you can handle a 1-scoop or 2-scoop dose. My suggestion, use 2 scoops and drink an extra glass of water. (4)

Betaine Anhydrous – 5g

First off, at 2 scoops, this is a very potent dose of betaine. Of course, at 1 scoop, you’ll still get an effective dose. Betaine is an osmolyte. That means it promotes water-based pumps (or muscle fullness). It does that by pulling water into the muscles. It’s also similar to creatine and works well with creatine. For that reason, it’s believed to support power and strength. (5)

Creatine Monohydrate – 5g

Like caffeine, there’s not much new to be said about creatine. It’s been around since the early 90s and it’s been proven effective time and time again. For me personally, creatine should be in every pre-workout. At 2 scoops it’s dosed right, however, it will be a little underdosed if you use 1 scoop. In Godzilla, creatine will work well with betaine, as noted above.

Choline Bitartrate – 1.6g

What a huge dose! Choline promotes focus and improves mental function. It also promotes the essential mind-muscle connection. This is one of the most important keys to having a great workout. (6)

Pink Himalayan Sea Salt – 500mg

This has become a common source of electrolytes. Of course, staying hydrated is essential to optimal workout performance. 

Caffeine Anhydrous – 350mg

If you want energy, caffeine is the answer. Besides increasing energy, caffeine also increases focus and alertness. Plus, it acts as a thermogenic and improves exercise performance. All of this is not new, but it’s good to review the benefits of this hugely popular ingredient. (7)

VasoDrive-AP® Hydrolyzed Casein Tripeptides – 300mg

This is a unique formulation of two peptides that are extracted from casein protein. These two compounds are believed to inhibit the angiotensin-converting enzyme known as the ACE enzyme. This is important because ACE causes vasoconstriction. With all the citrulline Godzilla has, we obviously want vasodilation. (8)

Theobromine – 200mg

Originating from cacao, theobromine is similar to caffeine but milder. It’s commonly found in pre-workouts to help smooth out the sometimes harsh effects of caffeine. 

zumXR® Extended Release Caffeine – 50mg

This is a branded ingredient that provides a longer-lasting, delayed-release form of caffeine. One of the problems with some pre-workouts is that lifters crash before their workout is over. With extended-release caffeine, you still have energy and feel good even after your workout is over. (9)

Thinkamine Vincamine – 20mg

This is a trademarked ingredient that elevates focus and a sense of euphoria. Like most good pre-workouts, there’s synergy among the ingredients. In this case, Thinkamine™, choline, and theobromine all work together to enhance focus and cognitive function.

How Do I Use Ryse Godzilla Pre-Workout?

Mix 1-2 scoops with 8-10oz water & consume 15-30 min before your workout. If you’re concerned about tolerance, begin with 1 scoop. Once you have assessed your tolerance, you can go up to 2 scoops.

What Can I Stack It With?

Like all pre-workouts, you can stack Ryse Godzilla Pre-Workout with anything. Here’s an effective stack you can use with this exceptional pre-workout.

Ryse Mass Monster Stack

Ryse Godzilla


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There are quite a few quality pre-workouts on the market. Yet Ryse Godzilla breaks some new ground and gives you an incredibly well-dosed transparent formula. Don’t waste your time on prop blends and laughably dosed ingredients. Learn to look past the hype and focus on the ingredient label. Godzilla is what a serious pre-workout should be – and it lays a serious claim to the title of King of Pre-Workouts!


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