The Great Infomercial Deception

The great infomercial deception! There’s one thing I’ve learned in my years in the fitness industry. It’s that people are impatient and want results fast. The reality is this expectation and desire could not be further from the truth. Unfortunately, there are a group of corporations that have found a way to capitalize and prey on this expectation. They use it to sell false and misleading products. The products I’m referring to are the abdominal machines that are marketed as a quick fix. These corporations make thousands of dollars selling something that does not work and what’s worse they know their product doesn’t work.

The Great Infomercial Deception – Here’s The Why!

First, when these products are advertised you’ll note how they are presented. You will see fast paced testimonials, scientific graphs and charts. All this gives you the impression that these people got results from these apparatuses only.

Second, when watching these infomercials or adverts you will notice three things that are written in the fine print of the infomercial. These are the giveaways you’re watching the great infomercial deception in action.

Results Are Not Guaranteed

This statement alone is basically a protection mechanism against the fact that they cannot guarantee your success. All of these products you see on infomercials will have this statement or something similar.

Refunds Not Available / No Refunds After 30 Days

This is just the time frame you need to realize that the product in question doesn’t work, or the time needed to buy it and then forget about it. Then before you realize 30 days have passed and you cannot get your money back.

Results Are In Conjunction With Correct Nutrition And Exercise

The red flags should really start waving around now at this point. You should start to realize the deception here. This statement alone means that they know their product doesn’t work, and the only things that they can guarantee work are; you guessed it: Exercise and correct nutrition.

It should become very obvious at this point that these products just don’t work on their own.. they are entirely marketed in such a way to make people believe that they work without you having to have done anything extra.

I’m not saying they don’t give you a good abdominal workout or they don’t help strengthen your abdominals but they simply do not work in the way they are marketed.

The Great Infomercial Deception – Why Can They Advertise?

Because of the for-mentioned disclaimers this would cover them within both state and federal law.

But I used one and lost 2-3kgs from it!

Ok, so that said, let’s look at the most probable chain of events that took place probably around the same time you started using these apparatuses. Firstly, you’ve now invested money in this, so you want to start making the most of it. You are probably more aware now of your food than you were before. Maybe eating more leafy greens and lean protein (which is good). You now also probably began doing some walks if not jogs around the lake or urban area around your house.

While these are all great changes in your lifestyle they are what will be predominantly responsible for the small shift in body fat. So in reality it has nothing to do with that product. One last quote I want to mention before we move on is “Going from nothing to something, is always going to see some change”.

Never Mind The Great Infomercial Deception – What Does Work?

There’s no question you have to look past the great infomercial deception. Don’t fall for it. I am not going to wow you with statistics. The truth is exercise and correct nutrition is the closest thing that we have to the fountain of youth. It probably always will be. It takes a lot of hard work to see long term results in the gym. You need to be performing regular resistance training. You need regular cardiovascular training and correct nutrition. This has to be combined with optimal supplementation. Only once you do all this correctly will you begin to lose around 1-2lbs per week. Don’t try to lose more. If you do, you’ll be losing muscle mass. No one wants that!

Performing large amounts of regular abdominal exercises will not reduce your abdominal section. That will come in time from correct nutrition, regular cardiovascular training and a regular resistance program.

Don’t be fooled by the Great Infomercial Deception!

People are very impatient and want their ideal body fast. I used to always stress to my clients that the weight may have come on fast… but it will not leave fast. It’s just like building a business, it takes dedication, hard work and competition, and this is the same way you build a better body. Nothing in life that’s worth having comes easy. Take care and god bless.

Written by Adrian Ambrose

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