The Power of Thought

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Have you ever wondered what the secret to success in bodybuilding is? Looking at your heroes and wondering what is it that makes them so successful? If that’s you, than your just like the rest of us passionate gym goers.

How does the power of thought apply to bodybuilding? Looking at your heroes and wondering what is it that makes them so successful? If that’s you, than your just like the rest of us passionate gym goers. The answer to this question however, is unknowingly looked over everyday. For most beginners and surprisingly, a lot of experienced bodybuilders, they make a simple mistake when trying to figure out this secret of success, they often look towards a new diet, a new supplement, training regiment. Yes, it is true that these are very important to your success. But, most people continue to overlook the most important secret to success of all…….. yes, YOUR MIND!

The Power Of Thought

Let me explain. If you have ever watched Arnold Schwarzenegger, Kai Greene or Greg Plitt, you would know that they are very successful. Also, what you would notice is that they are very philosophical as well. They preach the importance of the power of thought. It might sound strange that these successful men, all coming from a different time and different places preach the same basic idea for success. But as you’ll understand, it’s no coincidence. Although many understand the importance of the mind, most underestimate it. Today your going to learn to harness the power of your thoughts in just a few quick steps.

1. The Power Of Thought – VISUALIZE

The first action to accessing your brain power, is to start by visualizing. Before you continue your journey, stop, reevaluate what your working towards and visualize the success you want to see in the mirror. Can you just imagine how it would feel to look in the mirror and be happy, healthy and confident? Whether it takes a minute or an hour, you need to recognize what your goal is. You need to mentally see it and remember that end state goal. Think, think……….Great! Now keep that image fresh in your mind.

2. The Power Of Thought – VIDEOIZE

Now that you have a mental image of the masterpiece you want, the next step is to think, how your going to create it. Just as you visualized your final image, it’s time to visualize the steps necessary to get there. Really get to understand your diet and your training. Create a mental video of you training with proper form, you eating the proper foods and ultimate mind-to-muscle connection during your workout. Almost imagine yourself as the main star in a movie that goes through your training routine and diet. See yourself in third person, having reps of perfect form and keeping concentration. Keep this mental video clear in your mind and make sure your mental video is a video of success.

3. The Power Of Thought – TAKE ACTION

Since you now have the long-term mentality for success. It’s time to put this mentality into action for daily success. Being that you are now a visualization expert, the last piece you need to visualize, is your daily routine. One effective time to successfully imagine your workout, is the night before. Studies show that thinking of the next days agenda as you fall asleep, allows your brain to process this information while you are sleeping. This process plays out a video in your mind before it actually happens, so that when the time comes, it will almost feel like Deja vu, allowing you to more successfully accomplish your tasks due to the fact, your brain has already done the activity before-hand. This suggested Deja vu, will ultimately allow you to have a mind-to-muscle connection. Along with the night before, another great time to visualize is prior to your workout. Kai Greene always starts his workouts with a 12 minute warm up on the stair-stepper, or stair master. Although most would call this cardio, Kai says that his warm up allows him to visualize his upcoming workout in order to have proper exercise form and proper muscle contraction to maximize hypertrophy. And by the looks of him, this theory might be something worth trying.


Maybe the secret you’ve been missing in your training, is the most important secret of all, the power of thought. Try putting these simple principles into your mind before your next workout. Whether it’s applying these principals before bed, before your workout or even both. These thoughts will surely give you maximum concentration during your workout and allow you to have a mind-to-muscle connection you’ve never had before! As Arnold says in Pumping Iron, ” the body is very important, but the mind is most important.”

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