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Turkesterone is one of the most popular natural muscle-building supplements on the market right now. In this article, we’ll look at what turkesterone is and what it does. Let’s check it out!

What Is Turkesterone?

Turkesterone is known as an ecdysteroid. What is that, you might ask? Ecdysteroids are a class of compounds that are structurally similar to androgens. They are plant and insect growth factors. Besides Turk, some of the common ecdysteroids are “ecdysterone” and “beta-ecdysterone”, which are two different names for the same thing. The name you see on the bottle depends on the company.

The Anabolic Power Of Turkesterone

Turkesterone is the most anabolic of any ecdysteroid. Some researchers have described the effects of this potent muscle builder as “similar to anabolic steroids without the androgenic effect”. Not being androgenic means they are safe, especially when compared to steroids. 

What Does Turkesterone Do?

Its primary effect is the stimulation of protein synthesis. Of course, this is huge because protein synthesis directly triggers muscle growth. It also supports recovery by supporting the repair of muscle fibers. 

Is There Research Backing Up Its Claims?

Not many human studies support Turkesterone, but there are in-vitro studies on human muscle fibers and animal models. These studies show that ingestion of Turkesterone will promote enhanced muscle growth. (1, 2, 3)

How Do I Use It?

Since Turkesterone stimulates protein synthesis, take it with a high-protein meal, protein powder, and/or a BCAA/EAA supplement high in leucine. 

Here Are Some Great Turkesterone Supplements!

So what are some good product choices? 5% Nutrition Turkesterone 1200, Hi-Tech Turkesterone 650. Plus Hi-Tech has some stacks, such as the Hi-Tech Ecdisten Turkesterone Natty Muscle Building Stack.

Nutrition And Workout Supplementation Tips

Of course, if you’re trying to build muscle, a high-protein diet is mandatory. Think in terms of at least 1g of protein per lb. (or at least .45kg) of body weight. You should time your protein intake evenly throughout the day. 

In addition, your intake of carbohydrates is based on your goals. Regardless of your goal, make sure you’re eating about 50% of your daily carb intake in the hours around the workout. Also, be sure to include higher glycemic carbs in your pre and post-workout meals. However, at other times of the day, make sure you’re eating lower glycemic carbs. 

Remember To Stay Hydrated!

Make sure you’re staying hydrated. Either use a pre or intra-workout with electrolytes or add a good electrolyte supplement, such as 5% Nutrition Hydrate Stk. As far as carbs, some lifters will use a designer carb supplement. This provides quick-digesting carbs that will be used for training energy. Yet, they will not cause an insulin spike. If you prefer your carbohydrates to come from real food sources, try 5% Nutrition Real Carbs. It consists of whole-food carb sources only. 

Workout Tips

If you’re training for mass, you’ll want to make sure to focus on compound exercises. Use a progressively heavier weight that allows you to get 8-10 reps in good form. You should fail in that rep range, if you stop when you could have done more reps, you’re not working hard. 

In addition, do some of your sets with moderate weights and higher reps to get a good pump. Feel free to use your favorite intensity techniques. Good examples include supersets, drop sets, or rest-pause. Finally, make sure you allow enough recovery time.

What Can I Stack It With?

Besides the supplements already mentioned, you can stack the Turkesterone formula of your choice with the following:

Finally, don’t forget your foundational supplements, such as a multivitamin.

Side Effects

At this time, there are no reported side effects caused by Turkesterone.  For best results, remember to follow all label directions. 


There can be no doubt if muscle mass is your goal, Turkesterone should be the first product on your supplement list. Don’t forget to stack it, and remember to use it with a high-protein diet. That also means taking it with a protein meal or shake. How much mass can you gain? Take a minute and stock up on Turkesterone and find out! While you’re here, stock up on all of your supplement needs!


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