Hydra Cup

The New Hydracup 3.0 is the only shaker bottle on the planet that keeps you both Supped up and Hydrated without the need to carry an extra shaker cup or re-fill the one you have. The patented Hydra 3.0 takes shaker cups to the next level by adding an additional 8oz of capacity to one side and an easy clean base that washes out like a single shaker. The Hydracup gives you the versatility to DUO YOU while being incredibly convenient. It stays ready for you no matter what your nutrition or hydration demand before, during or after your workouts. The awesome thing about Hydracup is it’s not only a dual shaker; it also functions exactly like a regular shaker. Just fill both sides with the same ingredients, completely replacing all your protein shaker bottles. Great for protein shakes, smoothies, pre-workout, BCAAs and other sports drinks. Hydracup is always BPA FREE and dishwasher safe. Durable high quality logo for long term use. Bottle has hiking loop to attach carabiner and embossed markings on both sides measure both ounces and milliliters.

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    HydraCup Dual Shaker Cup

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