IPYU has proudly partnered with Thorne to offer next-generation health solutions of the highest quality. Thorne is the only supplement company the Mayo Clinic works with to conduct clinical trials and provide educational content. They provide trusted, comprehensively tested, high-quality products using clean manufacturing standards.

If there’s a product that IPYU doesn’t carry you can use our referral link to order it directly from Thorne, just follow the steps below.

01 Go to:
Click SIGN IN and then click ‘No Account? Start Here’
Enter information and click continue
Enter referral information (DOB and Gender) and click create account to access 10% off discount and free shipping. Discount will be applied to your cart at checkout

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  • Thorne Berberine

    Thorne Berberine

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  • Thorne Florasport 20b

    Thorne FloraSport 20B

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  • Thorne Grape Seed Extract

    Thorne Grape Seed Extract

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  • Thorne Men's Multi 50+

    Thorne Men’s Multi 50+

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  • Thorne Stress Balance

    Thorne Stress Balance

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  • Thorne Advanced Digestive Enzymes

    Thorne Advanced Digestive Enzymes

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