Twin Peaks Ingredients

In 2010, Twin Peak Ingredients (TPI) began when two brothers pursued a vision to bring vitality and optimal health to consumers through all natural food products. Through their vision, TPI has become a reliable source for various natural and organic food items powered by macro and micronutrients at reasonable prices. All products are grown naturally, processed cleanly, and meet FDA requirements. TPI specializes in a wide assortment of protein and dried egg powders. And for folks needing a nutritious but yummy snack, TPI is pleased to offer Twin Peaks Ingredients Protein Puffs which come in six delicious flavors. Whether its protein powders, egg powders or protein puffs, you can be sure the quality and price are the best in the market.

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  • twin peaks ingredients protein puffs

    Twin Peaks Ingredients Protein Puffs

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