Prime Nutrition

Quality, Purity, Intensity and Honesty. Our new cGMP facility produces the best tasting, lab tested ingredients for our amazing line of products. Our improved products provide you with all of the energy and recovery you need to take yourself to that next level.

Prime Nutrition is one of a small group of companies who owns their own manufacturing facility. Our products are vertically integrated, meaning we track and coordinate everything, from buying the raw materials to putting the labels on and shipping it to your house. Because of this, it allows us the ability to maximize our quality standards and the types of products we offer.

Prime Nutrition utilizes our new state-of-the-art formulation development, quality control laboratories, and a pilot scale manufacturing operation. Our science department offers a complete range of development services, analytical methods development, raw and finished product analysis, and stability testing.

Prime is here to revolutionize the fitness and supplement industry one user at a time by using science to ensure products work. From the weekend warrior to the hardcore bodybuilder, we offer an array of products to fit your needs. Join Prime Nutrition in its quest to change the face of the supplement industry.


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  • Prime Nutrition DAA

    Prime Nutrition DAA

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    Prime Nutrition Yohimbine

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