Dave Palumbo, one of the most renown authorities in the bodybuilding and fitness world, is the proud founder and President of SPECIES Nutrition.

As a former bodybuilder, Dave competed on the National Physique Committee (NPC) circuit for 15 years, garnering international fame and a reputation as one of the sport’s hardest working, innovative, and charismatic competitors.

Highly educated in advanced forms of supplementation and nutrition, Dave was one of the most sought-after sponsored athletes by nutrition supplement companies during his bodybuilding career.

Dave has always had a burning passion for training and nutrition. and his “old school” approach has made Dave the nutrition coach of choice for many professional athletes and celebrities, including WWE’s Triple-H and magician Criss Angel.

Dave’s vision for health and nutrition is the heart and soul of the SPECIES line of products. His commitment is to provide an elite nutrition product line to all who want to live healthier and train more efficiently.

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  • species fiberlyze

    SPECIES Nutrition Fiberlyze

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  • species nutrition omegalyze

    SPECIES Nutrition Omegalyze

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  • A bottle of SPECIES Nutrition Lipolyze Evolved

    SPECIES Nutrition Lipolyze Evolved

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  • Species Nutrition Testolyze

    SPECIES Nutrition TESTOLYZE – 180 Caps

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  • species nutrition somalyze

    SPECIES Nutrition Somalyze

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  • species nutrition arthrolyze

    SPECIES Nutrition Arthrolyze

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  • species nutrition macadamia nut oil

    Species Nutrition Macadamia Nut Oil

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  • species nutrition carbolyze

    SPECIES Nutrition Carbolyze

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  • species nutrition crealyze

    SPECIES Nutrition Crealyze

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