Supplement Spotlight: Pure Solutions Pure Factors Professional

Pure Solutions Pro igf 4500

In this edition of Supplement Spotlight, we’re looking at several versions of the same product. Pure Factors Professional by Pure Solutions is actually a series of six products. The first three feature Velvet Antler Extract in three strengths, complexed in each case with 25 mg of Tribulus. The next three feature Velvet Antler Extract by itself in three different strengths. 

What Are Pure Solutions Pure Factors Professional?

The only thing that differentiates these products is the label color and a slight name change. Let’s take a closer look.


The first three products feature a brown label. The products are:


Pure Solutions Pure Factors Professional Pro IGF T4500, Pro IGF T3000, and Pro IGF T1500. Notice the “T”, it’s the only thing that’s different in the name. BTW, the “T” stands for Tribulus. 


The next three products feature a gray label. They are:

Pure Solutions Pure Factors Professional Pro IGF 4500, Pro IGF 3000, and Pro IGF 1500. 


Now, what are the three strengths of Velvet Antler Extract? They are 150mg, 100mg, and 50mg, respectively. Both series feature the same dosing.


Finally, all of these impressive products use organic grape alcohol for optimal absorption. 


Got all that? 


Let’s Look At The Ingredients

Here is a closer look at the two ingredients in these products.


Velvet Antler Extract

Pure Solutions uses velvet antler extract from the antlers of elk instead of the more common deer antlers. That’s because elk are healthier. Plus, elk antlers have the highest concentrations of growth factors.

The antlers are removed before they turn into solid bone. At this stage, the velvet is nutrient-dense, containing such nutrients as calcium, magnesium, glucosamine, and chondroitin. They also contain male and female hormones, such as insulin-like growth factor I (IGF-1). 


Here are the benefits of Velvet Antler Extract :

  • Promotes Strength
  • Supports Gains In Muscle Mass
  •  Improves Workout Endurance
  • Enhances Recovery 
  •  Supports Immune System Health 
  •  Promotes Joint Health


Tribulus Extract

Tribulus Terrestris is a plant that grows in dry climates. It has been extensively used in Europe to stimulate testosterone production. More recently, it has been shown to be an effective alternative to prohormones. Tribulus promotes increased production of luteinizing hormone (LH). When this happens, natural testosterone production also increases.

In fact, tribulus can increase luteinizing hormone (LH) production by as much as 186% and increase levels of testosterone by as much as 40%! The primary active ingredient in tribulus that causes these effects is saponin, a phytochemical. 


Here are the benefits of Tribulus Extract:

  • Increases Testosterone Production Naturally
  • Increases Energy and Endurance 
  • Enhances Sexual Drive 
  • 100% Natural–A Potent Alternative To Prohormones


How Do I Use Pure Solutions Pure Factors Professional?

Here are the label directions. First, shake well before each use. Take 30 drops (2/3 dropper) and hold in your mouth for 90 seconds, then swallow. For best results, use in the morning on an empty stomach. 


Once you’ve taken your Pure Factors, don’t forget your protein. Even when using a product like this, you’ll want to stick to your usual mass-building supplements. It’s the combination of everything you’re doing that will produce the best results. 


What Can I Stack It With?

This is a specialty product that boosts muscle mass and strength. Therefore, you should use this with the Cornerstone Stack listed below.

Cornerstone Stack

Dymatize ISO 100 – Don’t be afraid to add a casein protein for nighttime use, or a product such as 5% Nutrition Drink Sleep Grow for maximum anabolic effect. 


See ISO 100 here: Dymatize ISO-100 – I’ll Pump You Up (


See Drink Sleep Grow here: 5% Nutrition Drink Sleep Grow Nightime Aminos – I’ll Pump You Up (


The Multi-Vitamin of your choice. Try: AllMax VITASTACK – I’ll Pump You Up (


Creatine – Your choice  Try: NutraBio Creatine Monohydrate – I’ll Pump You Up (


Pre-workout – Your choice Try: Freedom Formulations Rowdy Pre-Workout – I’ll Pump You Up (


From here, you have the option to add products that can help boost testosterone and stimulate protein synthesis. You can also tread to the edge of effective supplementation and try a GH booster like the one listed below. 


For example:


Add: 5% Nutrition Test or Spazmatic Supplements Just Test Me – To optimize testosterone potential. Use with Pure Solutions Pure Factors T line. 


See our test boosters here: Testosterone Boosters – I’ll Pump You Up (


Add: Your favorite BCAA/EAA – To optimize protein synthesis.


See our amino acid products here: BCAAs – I’ll Pump You Up (


Add: Hi-Tech Pharma Protropin – This will enhance the effects of Velvet Antler Extract. This advanced formula stimulates the release of GH growth factors. 


See this product here: Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Protropin – I’ll Pump You Up ( and here: EAAs – I’ll Pump You Up (


Find all your supplements right here: Bodybuilding Supplements Store | I’ll Pump You Up (


Pure Solutions is the leader when it comes to Velvet Antler Extract. Their products are superior to other brands that use less effective deer antler. Not to mention, they have the insight to combine it with a proven testosterone booster. If you’re looking for something a little different that can help you pack on some size, it’s time for Pure Solutions Pure Factors Professional Series! With six choices, there’s one here for you!

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