The Side Effects Of Using GLP-1 Drugs And Natural Solutions

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Taking a GLP-1 drug such as Ozempic can mean positive changes in the way your body looks. It can also mean negative side effects. In this article, The Side Effects Of Using GLP-1 Drugs, we’ll look at the most common ones and give you Natural Solutions. Let’s get started!

What Are GLP-1 Drugs?

First, let’s define what GLP-1 drugs are. A GLP-1 agonist is a type of non-insulin drug used to treat type 2 diabetes. These drugs help lower levels of blood sugar, thereby supporting fat loss. As an example, Ozempic is a GLP-1 that’s classified as a semaglutide injectable. There are also GLP-1 drugs you can take orally.

Before We Talk About Side Effects!

Before we go any further, there is a critical point to be made. You may not be an avid lifter who understands this point yet, so always focus on fat loss, not “weight” loss. This is a big deal. If you lose weight, you’re losing fat, muscle, water, and bone density. You won’t look any different, just smaller. In other words, you will still look overweight. 

Lose Fat Not Weight

On the other hand, if you’re losing fat, you’ll look trim and fit with no bone density loss. Serious lifters already know this, but anyone trying to lose excess body fat needs to know it too. True, this is not the key topic of this article, but if you take away no other point, take away this one, it’s that important.

What Are The Side Effects of GLP-1 Drugs?

The most common side effects from these drugs are:

The Possibility Of Gaining Back The Weight You Lost 

Many people regain much of the weight they lose once they stop using a GLP-1. This is a common problem because many people return to their old habits without realizing the pitfalls. Yet you can maintain your fat loss results with the following products. 

Hi-Tech Pharma Slimaglutide

Slimaglutide is a natural GLP-1 that can help you lose any bodyfat you gain back. 

EAS Myoplex

Myoplex is a healthy, balanced meal replacement powder. 

Glucose Disposal Agents

GDAs make productive use of your highest carbohydrate meals, avoiding the problem of fat storage.

Lack Of Energy

There are several solutions to low energy, from caffeine to a good multi-vitamin complex to a separate B-complex that you can take with your multi. 

5% Nutrition All Day You May Caffeinated

All Day You May Caffeinated not only promotes energy, it also provides amino acids that help maintain muscle mass. If you’re training for mass, this product stimulates protein synthesis, a direct trigger of muscle growth.


Think of these as nutritional health insurance.

B-Complex Vitamins

The B vitamins convert food into energy, and they are water-soluble, so it’s hard to take too much.

Gut Problems

Gut problems can be easily solved, and we have the supplements you need. The products listed below can help you deal with potential abdominal pain, diarrhea, nausea, and vomiting.

Digestive Enzymes

Helps you properly digest your food.


Provides live, beneficial microbes in your gut.


Important to help you feel full and to keep your digestive system healthy.

Loss Of Muscle Mass

Studies have suggested that GLP-1 drugs like the semaglutide Ozempic can cause muscle mass loss. This is the worst thing you can let happen when you’re losing “weight”. Help maintain muscle with the following:

Protein Powder

Protein is the most important macronutrient for maintaining muscle or promoting new muscle growth. 


Amino acids are a major component of protein, but the body can not make all amino acids. These are called essential, meaning they must come from diet and supplements. The most important amino acid for muscle growth and maintenance, l-leucine, is an essential amino acid. 


A conditionally essential amino acid that helps prevent muscle protein breakdown.


The most well-researched supplement on the market. Creatine supports muscle growth, strength and in-the-gym endurance.

Decreased Bone Density

Losing weight quickly can mean reduced bone density—especially for older adults. Look for a multi that has a high calcium content. 

Calcium – Check Out This Multi


Vitamin D

These minerals and vitamin D are important for healthy bones, among other functions.

Nutritional Considerations

You should be thinking in terms of a moderate carbohydrate, high protein, high-fat diet, even if you’re not gaining back any weight. The biggest mistake people who “go on a diet” make is thinking that once they lose the desired “weight”, they can return to eating the way they did before. 


You must keep your carbs low enough to avoid excess from being stored as fat. The first place to start is to keep sugary carbs as low as possible. On training days, eat 50% of your daily carbs in the hours around your workout. On off-days, eat a little less carbs but you can spread them throughout the day.

Training Considerations

Work out 3-4 days per week focusing on weights and cardio to stay lean, help maintain bone density, and look good. regularly to stay in a calorie deficit. 


Taking GLP-1 drugs is one way to lose “weight”, however, the ads for these drugs as a “weight” loss tool never talk about losing weight vs losing body fat. The side effects of these drugs can be avoided/reversed by considering the natural alternative presented here. Visit and stock up today! 


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