Double Kettlebell Push Press


The push press is a version of the over head press that allows the lifter to use more weight by allowing for a push with the legs.


Begin by cleaning two kettlebells up to your shoulders and then place your feet at approximately shoulder width apart. Next, squat down just a few inches and then violently squat back up as you push the kettlebells up over your head. You need to use your power in your legs to get the kettlebells moving and then use your arms to lock out the weight. Next, lower the kettlebells back to your shoulders and repeat the motion until you complete your set.


When you lower the weights back to your shoulders, use your legs as a shock absorber to catch the weight. You do not want to put too much stress on your shoulders by allowing the weight to slam into them.


You can also do perform this exercise one arm at a time or with an alternating fashion.

Double Hand Kettlebell Push Press Start
Double Hand Kettlebell Push Press End

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