Floor Press


The floor press is used to improve a lifter’s bench press. It does this by beginning the exercise from a dead stop, at most people’s weakest point of the bench press. This movement also eliminates the leg drive of a bench press, so it puts more emphasis on your pressing muscles.


This exercise is best done in a squat rack that is fully adjustable. Begin by moving the rack to a low position, about 12 inches from the floor. Place a barbell on this rack, and then lie down on the floor facing up. Position your body under the bar, just like it would be if you were lying on a bench press. Grip the bar at approximately shoulder width, or where ever your grip is for bench press. Lift the bar out of the rack by pushing it up and out over your chest. Now, lower the bar until your upper arms are flat on the floor. Next, pause the bar on the floor until it comes to a complete stop (this is the key to the exercise). Then, squeeze your chest and tricep muscles and push the bar back up to the starting position. Repeat this movement until you have completed your set.


Make sure you pause the bar on the ground; this is what will really help to build strength and increase your bench press.

Floor Press Start
Floor Press End

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