Hang Cleans

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Hang cleans develop full body power and will improve explosive power in athletes.


Begin by gripping a barbell with a double overhand grip, palms facing your body. Get into an athletic stance with the bar in your hands; knees slightly bent, chest out, and core tight. This is where you will begin the exercise. Next, pull the bar straight up shrugging the bar and pulling with your torso. Continue to pull the bar up to shoulder height by allowing your elbows to flare out to the side, but make sure to keep the bar close to your body. Then, pull your body under the bar and rotate your elbows under the bar; stand up. Return the bar to your mid thighs by reversing the movement and catching the bar with your knees slightly bent. Repeat this movement until your finish your set.


As you master this movement, you can begin to catch the bar in a squat position. This will help you clean heavier weights.

Hang Cleans Start
Hang Cleans End

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