Kettlebell Hang Clean


Kettlebell Hang Cleans are used to build explosive power in the hips and traps. They are a great way to get a full body workout from one exercise.


Begin by standing up with your feet approximately shoulder width apart and place a kettlebell in between your legs. Squat down and pick up the kettlebell; do this by pushing your hips back and bending through your knees. Bring the kettlebell to approximately mid shin level. Now, clean the kettlebell by extending your legs as if you were doing a squat. Then, pull the kettlebell up by shrugging your shoulder and pulling your elbow up and out. Now, rotate your wrist under the kettlebell and catch the kettlebell at your shoulder. Return the kettlebell to the hang position, your starting point, and then repeat until you have completed your reps with one arm. Then switch arms and repeat with the opposite arm.


This exercise can also be done with 2 hands by using 2 kettlebells either at the same time or in an alternating fashion. A push press or jerk can be added to this exercise to make it a true full body exercise.

Kettlebell Hang Clean End
Kettlebell Hang Clean End

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