Plate Twist


Plate twists are use to strengthen your oblique muscles along with the rest of your abs. This exercise may also help to loosen your lower back muscles.


Begin by lying on the floor with your legs extended, then raise your torso to an upright position. Grab the plate by the sides and hold it in front of your body with your arms slightly bent. Then, lift your legs off the ground and cross your legs at your ankle level. Keep a slight bend in your knees and lean your upper body back slightly for balance. To begin the movement, twist to the right side and touch the plate to the floor. Then, return to the starting position and twist to the opposite side, touching the floor again. Repeat until you have completed your set.


Slowly move the weight back and forth, do not swing the weight or use momentum. This could harm your lower back; hold your abdominals tight to protect your lower back.

Plate Twist Start
Plate Twist End

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