Cable Crunch


This exercise is used to strengthen the upper abdominal region.


Begin by attaching a rope attachment to a high pulley of a cable machine. Next, kneel down in front of the cable machine facing the pulley. Grab the rope attachment and pull it so that your hands are next to your face. Now, arch your back and pull your abdominals tight. Now, with your hips stationary pull your elbows to the middle of your thighs by flexing your abs and pulling your torso down. Hold the bottom position for a second and then slowly return the weight to the starting position. Repeat until you have completed your set.


Keep your hips stationary and keep constant tension on your abdominal muscles; do not allow your lower back to move the weight.


You can also perform this exercise while sitting or you can crunch to each side to hit the oblique muscles.

Cable Crunch Start
Cable Crunch End

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