Hip Abduction Machine

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This exercise is used to shape the glutes as well as strengthen the hips.


Begin by adjusting the leg pads so that both of your legs will fit in between them. Next, sit on the machine with your back firmly pressed against the back pad. Next, tighten your core and glute muscles to begin the exercise. Push against the thigh pads and move your legs as far as you can. Squeeze your hips and glutes at the top of this movement and then slowly return your legs to the starting position. Repeat until your set is complete.


This movement can be done with resistance bands in both the seated and standing position.


Do not swing the weight or your torso during this movement, apply steady pressure to the pads throughout the movement. If you use too heavy of weight, you can injure the muscles of your lower legs.

Hip Abduction Machine Start
Hip Abduction Machine End

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