Oblique Crunch


Oblique crunches are used to work the sides of your abdominal region and can get rid of your “love handles.”


Begin by lying on your right side on the floor, place your legs on top of each other. Slightly bend your legs until you are comfortable. Place your left hand on your head and hold the other hand across your abdomen. Begin the exercise by squeezing your abs and raising your left elbow; you should feel your muscles working on the sides of your abdomen. Continue to crunch up as far as you can, and then hold it for a second. Now, return your body to the starting position and then repeat. Once you have completed your set on your right side, turn over and complete your set on the left side.


Focus on using your abs for this movement, you should feel them contract and relax. Do not pull on your neck, you could strain it.

Oblique Crunch Start
Oblique Crunch End

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